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    Automotive Industry | Driving Forward with Innovation

    automotive-industry - picture of a hand pointing at a touch screen depicting the latest technology

    The automotive industry has become fiercely competitive

    Many of the manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with the latest and greatest technology.  Fuel efficiency, design, and handling are just some of the factors that consumers research when choosing their next vehicle.  But with a consumer market that is obsessed with technology, car manufactures have stepped up their game to offer the latest in automotive innovation.  Technology has improved the driving experience on many levels.  Navigation, audio visual advances, and safety features have become a priority in the auto industry and buyers are looking for a vehicle that exceeds their expectations.  So what can we expect to see in the near future?  (more…)

    Ohio Drivers License | 5 Ways to Lose Your License in a Hurry

    Ohio Drivers License - Cartoon picture of Police imposing a fine on a driver

    Don’t lose your Ohio drivers license 

    It’s easy to lose your Ohio drivers license even if you don’t drink over the legal limit for alcohol. All you need to do is accumulate up to 12 points over a period of 2 years and your driving privileges will generally be suspended for 6 months. After that you’ll have to take that dreaded remedial driving course. More importantly than losing your license temporarily is the fact that all of these moving violations place you at risk of getting a serious injury. The best strategy for any driver to take is one in which all of the rules for driving safely are followed. Here are five of the issues that can lead to the loss of your Ohio drivers license in a hurry. (more…)

    Vehicle Sales Agreement | What You Need to Know Before Signing

    Vehicle sales agreement - Picture of a vehicle purchase contract with car key and pen

    If you’re like me, buying a car feels good. You enjoy the new driving experience and are eager to park it in your garage. But before you make the transaction, you’re going to have a sign a vehicle sales agreement. As per our Full Disclosure Policy, we want you to be aware of what you are signing. Keep reading to learn more.

    What Is a Vehicle Sales Agreement?

    As you might already know, the vehicle sales agreement is a legal document you sign when purchasing or selling a new or used car. It’s a contract that outlines the details of the sale and authorizes the change in ownership of the vehicle.

    Both the buying and selling parties will list their name, address, and contact information in that vehicle sale agreement. The contract will also describe the vehicle including it’s make, model, and year. The vehicle sales agreement will also list the car’s color, vehicle identification number, and the car’s latest odometer reading. (more…)

    Tips on How to Buy a Used Car the Smart Way

    Used Car - FindMeACar.com

    Car Buying Tips

    Buying a used car is a wise choice for many people. It’s a financially sensible decision because vehicles that are three to five years old experience the greatest percentage of depreciation. This means that consumers can save thousands of dollars on previously owned vehicles. A purchaser can even affordably upgrade to a better class of car.

    However, there are other considerations to take into account than just the money saving features because finding a car that suits you requires a bit of legwork. When scouting for a used vehicle, you should consider what type of car fits your lifestyle, how much you can afford, and whether you should buy it through a dealer or private seller. Here are some tips to help you through the search process so that you can ultimately find the perfect used car. (more…)

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