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Ohio Drivers License | 5 Ways to Lose Your License in a Hurry

Ohio Drivers License - Cartoon picture of Police imposing a fine on a driver

Don’tĀ lose your Ohio drivers licenseĀ 

It’s easy to lose your Ohio drivers license even if you don’t drink over the legal limit for alcohol. All you need to do is accumulate up to 12 points over a period of 2 years and your driving privileges will generally be suspended for 6 months. After that you’ll have to take that dreaded remedial driving course. More importantly than losing your license temporarily is the fact that all of these moving violations place you at risk of getting a serious injury. The best strategy for any driver to take is one in which all of the rules for driving safely are followed. Here are five of the issues that can lead to the loss of your Ohio drivers license in a hurry.

Failing to Yield Properly

Any time that you enter traffic without yielding properly, you place your vehicle as well as the other vehicles near you at risk of becoming involved in an accident. Each time that you exit a driveway, parking lot, or on ramp, you must yield to existing traffic on the roadway. Be sure that you wait until you have enough room to enter the flow of traffic safely. Don’t assume that other drivers will slam on their brakes to allow you to enter.

Ignoring Changes in Driving Conditions

From the time of day or night to the type of weather, a lot of factors affect the safety of driving on the road. It’s easy to slide whenever the roadways are wet, and visibility is often diminished due to fog, cloud cover, precipitation, and the onset of nighttime. Adjust your driving speed so that you have more time to react to adverse conditions should you need to do so.

Failing to Remain Calm

People who allow themselves to become upset while driving are more likely to forget to follow safe driving practices. They might forget to make a full stop at a stop sign, go through a red light, fail to use their turn signals, or do something else equally dangerous. If you stay in control, you are more likely to stay focused on your driving.

Following Too Closely

Drivers who tailgate have less time to react to unexpected situations. The faster the speed of the vehicle, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Avoid tailgating so that you’ll have sufficient time to react in order to avoid a collision.

Driving While Under the Influence

Quite a few substances can influence an individual’s ability to drive, including alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication. It’s important not to allow yourself to drive while impaired; otherwise you will find yourself temporarily without an Ohio drivers license.

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