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Automotive Industry | Driving Forward with Innovation

The automotive industry has become fiercely competitive Many of the manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with the latest and greatest technology.  Fuel efficiency, design, and handling are just some of the factors…more

Ohio Drivers License | 5 Ways to Lose Your License in a Hurry

Don’t lose your Ohio drivers license  It’s easy to lose your Ohio drivers license even if you don’t drink over the legal limit for alcohol. All you need to do is accumulate up to 12…more

Cleveland Car Sales | The 2015 Guide to Used Car Sales

With gas prices at record lows, Cleveland car sales are likely to be up in 2015. The average American is projected to save about $550 in fuel costs in 2015 and those significant savings…more

Vehicle Sales Agreement | What You Need to Know Before Signing

If you’re like me, buying a car feels good. You enjoy the new driving experience and are eager to park it in your garage. But before you make the transaction, you’re going to have…more

Tips on How to Buy a Used Car the Smart Way

Car Buying Tips Buying a used car is a wise choice for many people. It’s a financially sensible decision because vehicles that are three to five years old experience the greatest percentage of depreciation….more

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