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It’s a well-known fact that – when you buy a used car – you get a better value. Cars are depreciable goods, and most of the depreciation occurs within the first few years. That means, for savvy car hunters, the way to go is to buy used. Car shoppers, however, are sometimes leery of pre-owned vehicles. That’s where professional auto brokers come in. We at Find Me A Car keep you out of the clutches of pushy sales people; we save you valuable time by conducting searches for you, and we find reliable used cars that match your criteria.

Our Job Is To Prevent You From Making a Mistake When You
Buy a Used Car Online or In Person

Since 2001, we’ve been finding, inspecting and recommending pre-owned vehicles for our clients with great success! Find Me A Car is all about helping you confidently find used cars online. Search the Internet today and you’ll get millions of results from people and dealers selling pre-owned cars. How do you know which ones are reliable? Can you spot a lousy paint job that might peel or chip later? Do you know the telltale signs of a wrecked car? We do! And we’ll use that knowledge to keep you from buying an unsafe or unreliable automobile.

When It’s Time To Buy a Used Car
You Can Have a Professional on Your Side
To Find, Inspect and Approve Your Purchase

We visit auto auctions in person; we sometimes will buy a used car online, and we even sell used cars online. (Search our eBay store to see a few of our listings and our exceptional satisfaction rating.) We do an extensive inspection to make sure every car we sell is solid and will perform as promised. In short, based on your specifications, we locate, inspect and approve cars for our clients. With this assurance, you can buy a used car (online or in person) for a much lower price and with the assurance that you’ve gotten a safe vehicle that will perform well.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to find your next car? There are three ways you can find used cars online.

Used Car Finder – Search our inventory of cars currently available for sale.
Buy a Used Car Online at eBay – Ask us any questions or request additional pictures from different angles. You may also want to consult the Kelly Blue Book for value comparisons.

Perform a Custom Search – Describe the used car you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it.
Call Us Directly – Rather talk in person? Call us: (216) 539-2541


These are NOT new vehicles. Anytime you buy a used car, that car will not be perfect. While we make every effort to service the vehicles and check for safety issues, please remember that all vehicles have flaws. Some may even require minimal repair and or restoration. We value our reputation and eBay feedback and offer our honest opinions on the conditions of the cars or trucks we find to assist with your decision-making.


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