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Either Way, You'll Save Thousands On
Professionally Inspected Used Cars

You'll find a wide variety of makes and models in all price ranges when you trust Find Me A Car to deliver used cars online. Search using our Used Car Finder for quick and easy results. Just input the year, make, model, type and price range of the used car or truck you want, and the Used Car Finder will automatically scan our inventory to see what's available.

Or let us conduct a customized search for used cars or trucks that meet your wants and needs. As full-service auto brokers based in the Cleveland, Northeast Ohio area, we have access to several Ohio dealerships, wholesalers and auctions that the average person doesn't have access to. We can locate and deliver the used car or truck you want -- at exceptional savings -- before the general public ever knows it's available!

Save Thousands On Professionally Inspected Used Cars

On the Internet, at auctions or from private owners… it makes no difference how we find used cars or trucks. What makes the difference is the thorough inspection we put each one through. You can save thousands of dollars on a quality used car that still has the manufacturer's warranty and that has undergone our strict inspection process.

● Is the paint thickness equal around the car? If not, it has probably been wrecked. We use electronic paint detectors to check this for you as an added measure of quality.

● Has a Carfax or AutoCheck® report been received? Each time we search for used cars on the Internet or at auctions, we pull a report with the car's complete history including accidents and more.

● Has the car or truck been post inspected by a third-party mechanic? If you buy it from, it has! Our mechanic has also inspected the car a second time.

● Has maintenance been performed on the car or truck? New brakes, ball joints (if needed), tie rods (if needed), a tune-up, an oil change, a filter change and more are all performed before your car is delivered.

● You get (free of charge) a 3-month/4500-mile drive-train warranty. (Free warranties are based on the website's vehicle retail prices) Extended warranties are available at an additional cost.

● We have numerous high-resolution pictures so you can view our used cars online.

Full Disclosure

Whether you search for used cars on the Internet via our Used Car Finder or we conduct a customized search for you, we'll offer you full disclosure. We want you to see the Carfax report and the sales contract, and we'll give you all the time you need to read them carefully. When you're comfortable with the car, its history and the price, contact us and we'll make all the arrangements to deliver your vehicle!